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Media Blog Reflection

Welcome to the last ever blog on Miles of Knowledge. :(

This media blog assignment has really opened my eyes to the reality of media, especially advertisements. I have never looked at television, computer, and billboard ads like this before, and I'm very glad I learned to see these ads from a different perspective. I have also never noticed how much media I am exposed to every day.  I think I see ads on the road or on tv so much that I have developed the feeling that they are a part of everyday life and they're normal to see. But now, I see these ads almost like propaganda. Ads are constantly trying to force you to see their company the way the company wants you to see them, and I think that has made us as a society unable to make our own decisions. We rely on guidance, or ads, to make the decisions for us.  Now that I'm aware of this, I will try to make my own decisions now and try to ignore the ads. Though they make the company seem like they're your friend, they are…

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